Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama's 100 days Days of ACTION

The Obama Victory!
N. 7. 2012
What is to be Done?

Some said the US social movements, youth, women, workers, Latino, Asian, Black and Indigenous, and liberal white people could not make another Republican Party defeat possible, and they were wrong.
The Obama vote in turn was not entirely all pro-Obama vote but rather a vote to Stop the present 'NATIONALIST WHITE' REPUBLICAN PARTY from gaining power over us all. Obama was the only alternative in particular to most Mexican (Mexican-American) and Latinos because of the mass deportation, racism and discrimination regime promised by the Nationalist White Republican Party led by Mitt Romney and company.
Today, November 7th, We make a CALL to action to MOBILIZE for the first 100 DAYS of ACTION to pressure the new Obama Administration to take action on the serious oppression on People of Color, Women, Youth and poor Whites. The Economic program must be turned on its head, put the people first not the rich, the corporations and banks. They were the winners in Obama's last term. Its the Peoples' turn Obama listen.
Hundreds of grassroots organizations and social movements will be organizing actions to make sure we get the peoples Southern Movements agenda and to say we are not all RED in the South,that is why the Southern Movements Alliance says we will not be erased!. The Voter suppression and colonial control of the vote by the SOUTH political machine (White, Corporate and Conservative-WCC), keeps us all in the red, poor and in debt.

In the first 100 days of action after the victory of President Obama for a second term, we say take action to pressure for progressive legislation on the following;
Migration Justice
Educational Justice
Youth Justice
Gender Justice
Economy and Jobs
Corporate dominance
Environmental Justice & Climate

  • We must have Universal Citizenship for all migrants in the US with or without papers, respect the Universal Human Rights
  • We must STOP shooting people with sniper bullets on the US-Mexico borders and TEAR down the Border WALL of death
  • We must stop to the endless wars, bring the troops home,
  • We must shut down Guantanamo (STOP Torture) and the School of the Americas.
  • We must stop Keystone Pipeline, respect American Indian sacred sites, land and sovereignty rights already recognized at the United Nations.
  • Expand voter rights!
  • Stop the killing on Black youth, Native American women, and border migrants...stop racism!
Let us not sit back and wait for the Obama administration and the government to DO JUSTICE, we must begin NOW to build, mobilize and make known our voices because POWER is not just in the VOTE. See:

University Sin Fronteras (A University Without Walls of the Social Movement) at San Antonio TX Contact: Ruben Solis Garcia 210 378 5699

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