Wednesday, November 7, 2012

PEOPLE’S FIRST 100 DAYS since Obama Victory

A set of Southern regional coordinated actions to build movement

At the Southern Movement Assembly held in Lowndes County, AL on September 21-22, 2012, Southern community leaders representing over 25 delegations agreed to coordinate a Peoples First Hundred Days (P-100D) beginning the day after the National Elections on November 7 through February 15, 2012.

During the P-100D the Southern Freedom Movement will share information with each other, advance our local struggles as part of a larger movement, and coordinate 5 major actions throughout the Southeast: N7, Community Assemblies, MLK Day, February 14th, and the National Student Bill of Rights actions.

We find unity in our common principle that Nobody’s Free Until Everybody’s Free.


Peoples 100 Days TACTICAL TEAM
  • Overall coordination of actions, curriculum, and communication
  • Creating multiple entry points for southern movement forces
  • Connection to actions through Action Steering Committee representatives
  • Rapid response planning and scenario development
  • Communications strategy – internal & external

ACTION STEERING COMMITTEES (N7, Community Assemblies, MLK, NSBR, Feb14)
  • Each action is coordinated by a separate Steering Committee
  • Design, Mobilize, Support, and Evaluate
  • Send 1 rep to the Tactical Team to ensure cohesion
  • Staffed and supported by Project South staff members

  • Skill-based teams that support the 100 days and contribute to growing Southern movement infrastructure (legal, technology, language access, fundraising, etc.)


  1. Develop Tactical Team
  2. Develop Action Steering Committees for each action

  1. Southern Freedom Movement Community Reportbacks:
    • Bring the energy of the Assembly to our local folks
    • Invite 1-2 groups into the process to expand and strengthen the whole
    • Agenda: show video; present synthesis statement; discuss connection of local struggles to broader movement; generate questions & ideas to report back to Tactical Team; organize toward action days! Have food, songs

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