Saturday, October 8, 2011

Southwest Workers Union, San Antonio, Tejas

Occupy Wall Street Social Movement: We stand with the protest with the 99% !!
October 6, 2011

Southwest Workers Union (Centro for Justice) stand with the Occupy Wall Street protests here in San Antonio, Texas, in the state of Texas, nationally and internationally. Southwest Workers Union(SWU) since its founding has fought for economic justice for low income workers, communities and youth empowerment.

Today, we are the Occupy Wall street social movement that has taken over well over 500 cities in the United States, and hundreds of other cities internationally, because we are fed up with the 'sacking' of our retirement, health, education, services, salaries, collective bargaining rights, by capitalist corporations that have run amok. The ravaging neo-liberal project has failed since 1999 in Seattle and 2003 in Miami but yet it has been artificially kept alive by declaring War in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, and all over the Middle East, all to distract the US population from the permanent crisis of capitalism and the debt and trillion dollar bail out for banks and capitalists who cause the economic melt down in the first place.

As a social movement in the United States we have begun to dismantle the old failed system since 1999 in the Battle of Seattle, the battle against the WTO in Cancun, the Root Cause march in Miami that was part of defeating the Free Trade Areas of Americas (FTAA), and the mega-migrant rights marches in early 2006, and we have begun to build the new another world is possible since 2003. In spite of the set backs after the attacks of 9-11, the social movement of the US participated in the World Social Forum in Brazil in 2003, organized a Southeast Social Forum in North Carolina in June 2006 and in October held the Border Social Forum in CD Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico that same year. These social forums led up to the first ever US Social Forum in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007 and the second US Social Forum in Detroit in June 2010.

The Occupy WallStreet protest look and feel like a social forum many have said, and the General Assemblies look like the Peoples Movement Assembly held alongside the US Social Forum. The struggle for justice, equality and peace have joined forces under the leadership of thousands of youth who have come of age and are beginning to demonstrate and demand Another World is Possible.

It it a new day in the social movements struggles in the United States, demanding a new paradigm of change and for a national platform that is free of hate and racism exhibited by the right wing Tea Party and its parent corporation the Republican Party and the Democratic Party right wingers.

Economic Justice for all, not for the corporations and not for the rich and the banks who are robbing us blind. Tax the rich assist the poor. Stop the war and the border militarization and violence. Stop attacks on migrants. Stop attacks on LGBT. Stop exploitation where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Justice and equality!

Southwest Workers Union
Center for Justice
University Sin Fronteras

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