Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MIHO KIM: Eclipse Rising-Zainichi Koreans in U.S...meeting up in Oakland, California

We caught up with Miho Kim at mama's Vietnamese restaurant in Oakland, California for a great lunch meeting to share her knowledge of the struggle of both Koreans in the United States and the Koreans in Japan.  The Koreans in Japan, who are discriminated systemically but in particular not assisted in re-building after the Tsunami hit Japan recently.  The Koreans are not afforded any rights to any of the aid to rebuild their communities even though other 'foreigners' who are now residents of Japan do receive the aid.  "We cannot rebuild our schools" said one witness to the discrimination suffered by Zainichi Koreans in Japan.

Miho explains the work she and others are doing to support and build the solidarity in the US with the plight of Koreans in Japan.


Aqui en Oakland entrevistamos a la compañera Miho Kim que es una organizadora con el movimiento de solidaridad con el pueblo Coreano que vive en Japon y que viven una existencia colonial con mucha discriminación.  Después del Tsunami que golpeo a Japon recientemente el pueblo Coreano (Zainichi) en Japon no recibió ninguna ayuda del gobierno en la reconstrucción de sus comunidades.  Aquí la compañera Miho explica la situación allí.

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