Friday, June 24, 2011

A Mural Tour in San Franciso CA.

Cesar Chavez Mural at a Public Chicano School

We went to San Francisco CA. and there we went into a tour to see some of the murals in the city. Teresa Almaguer from the organization PODER take us into this tour of art, knowledge and community solidarity. 

The murals have become more and more a way for public expression in urban areas and also a strong tactic to recuperate "public space". This murals are representations of the chicano traditions, believes and roots. They are representing themselfs in the walls of their community at the same time that they are giving their art back for the enjoyment of everyone.

Reynaldo Padilla Teruel


  1. Me encanta esa alegoría y más me gusta ver esos camiones incapaces de destruir años de luchas.