Thursday, June 2, 2011

PMA guidelines

Invitation to Convene Peoples Movement Assembly Anchor Groups in January 2011 to Set & Implement the National Social Movement Agenda
Recognizing the lack of movement infrastructure and the effects of historical forces that divide us, the Peoples Movement Assembly (PMA) Coordination Team commits to consolidating the resolutions produced before, during, and after the US Social Forum 2010, in order to integrate our movement struggles towards mass action for liberation.
Building from the commitment of movement forces gathered at the US Social Forum 2010 to dismantle neoliberalism and build a new world, the PMA Working Group agrees to evaluate and evolve the assembly process in order to deepen the potential for community governance.
Based on the affirmations and general declaration of the National Peoples Movement Assembly in Detroit on June 26, 2010, the PMA Working Group calls for the coordinators and anchor groups to convene in Fall 2010 in order implement the action plan to move the agenda forward.
For more information about the Peoples Movement Assembly and to get involved in the process, contact:
Stephanie Guilloud at Project South, Atlanta GA / 404.622.0602
Ruben Solis at Southwest Workers Union, San Antonio TX / 210.299.2666

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