Monday, August 22, 2011

Peoples Movement Assembly 'a sure way to grow social movement!!!

The Peoples Movement Assembly: (also check:

What is it?

It is a methodology in which to bring people together in a 'convergence' of forces of the social movements fighting the frontline struggles for systemic social change.

It is a portal to bring people into the social movement into an 'open space' where collective work and consensus decisions or/and agreements are agreed upon

It is the open space where all voices are heard and become part of the whole; creating integration of voices and forces and organizations

It is a space for decisions, agreements and ACTION

A space to identify the  problems we face collectively as a social movement

To provide and advance SOLUTIONS (dismantle the old system and build alternatives for a new system)

To have a open space to collectively plan ACTIONS

The United States Social Forum process organized Peoples Movements Assemblies (PMA's)

At Southeast Social Forum 2006 (Black & Brown PMA)

At Border Social Forum 2006 (Social Movements Assembly and synthesis declaration)

In 2007 at US Social Forum (Atlanta) Peoples Movements Assembly with 4,000 delegates

...And in 2010 at US Social Forum II in Detroit, with 25 PMA;s before the USSF II; 54 PMA's at USSF II; and some 20 PMA's after the USSF II with over 10,000 delegates participating in total


Southwest PMA organizing Tour (June & July 2011)

Southeast PMA Organizing Tour (June-Dec 2011)

National Peoples Movements Assembly (Detroit)

Latin@ PMA Portland, Oregon

Drug War PMA 2011

Anti Poverty PMA (Detroit)

100's of action resolutions

10,000 participants in PMA's

And lots more to come...

ruben solis garcia

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