Friday, August 5, 2011

Peoples Movements Assembly 2009-2011 Before-During-After United States Social Forum II (Detroit)

In 2009 a Peoples Movements Assembly (PMA) was organized to become the 'action' space alongside and accompanying the United States Social Forum process on the 'Road to Detroit' for the second USSF in June 2010.

The social forum as such is an 'open space' for debate, deliberation and sharing but not for action decisions.  A space for action-decisions was needed and the Peoples Movements Assembly was born at the Southeast Social Forum and the Border Social Forum of 2006 that led the way for the first ever United States Social Forum in Atlanta, Georgia in June 2007.

For the USSF II, the PMA developed and implemented a plan of action before the USSF II in order to create a social movements 'converge' and mobilization to participate in the USSF II.  This was different than the usual 'outreach' approach which tends to be more mechanical in nature.  Peoples Movements Assemblies were organized throughout the United States and particularly in the Southeast and Southwest regions.  Then PMA's were registered during the USSF II with 54 happening in 4 hour time spaces and coordinated by at least 4 organizations.  The Southeast and Southwest organizing tours were organized this summer of 2011 as part of the After USSF II plan of the PMA.  Southwest Workers Union did a SW organizing tour and Project South is currently doing the SE Organizing Tour.

All together more than 25 PMA's were organized before the USSF II, 54 during and dozens have been organized in the after USSF II plan.  Several 'national' Peoples Movements Assemblies are being organized presently.  A first ever Latin@ PMA was just held in Portland, Oregon with 60 organizers from the states of Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Idaho and Washington making the PMA an established reality in the Northwest region.

The Southwest PMA Organizing Tour took place between June 1 and July 6, 2011.  It established this BLOG that we have been sharing with you.  Southwest Workers Union a 23 year old grassroots membership organization was the lead for the SW PMA Organizing Tour.

We hope you have been enjoying the BLOG and the information and struggles we have been sharing with you.

ruben solis garcia

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