Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Solidarity role & Spiritual journey on the SW PMA Tour

My Solidarity Role and Spiritual Journey …with the Southwest Organizing tour of the People Movements Assembly (PMA)

I landed in San Francisco, California on Friday, July 1st, 2011 to meet the main organizer of the Southwest Organizing tour of the PMA’s, Ruben Solis.  I felt very humble by his invitation. This road traveling via the Southwest of the United States has taught me about true solidarity and spirituality in a way I have never felt and/or experienced before.

As human beings, living in a world of duality: wrong or right, good or bad, but this duality can only be grasped at an intellectual level, knowing that we are not just intellectual beings, but more than that, we are spirituals beings who should follow intuition more often (or our heart for that matter), experiencing the PMA’s tour at this spiritual level, linking it to a human experience has been extraordinary duality for me. Learning about our indigenous’ struggle to keep and save their sacred lands and symbols from being profaned by the money hungry developers building roads and big houses right through their lands where these nations, as far as Mexico, come for sacred gatherings in New Mexico. The PMA’s has been a terrific and amazing tool for looking of how we start shifting the paradigm of the way we think and place collective and global issues in a square box but rather in a circle that is fluid and not interrupted by outside forces. This is the beauty of analyzing and searching for our potential as loving beings, transcending to a conscious level of action, which our ancestors are calling for.  

During the last decade, I have been blessed with guidance of my African and indigenous ancestors, setting the way for me to join forces with Dr. Maritza Jimenez, Maria Moreno and others amazing and dedicated brothers and sisters to organize a delegation to the border of The Dominican Republic and Haiti under the umbrella of our organization FUNTOSALUD International (www.funtosaludintl.org) to empower our people with holistic medicines, medical care, preventive workshops for families; arts and languages for the children.

By Alba L Mota (Bronx-NY)

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