Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Peoples Movements Assembly tour continues....

We did the Southwest Organizing Tour between June 1 and July6th of this year with a lot of successes.  We traveled over 3,000 miles and visited about 15 cities and interviewed on video about 30 people and we contacted about 300 people personally.  We also established a blog that has been visited by 46 countries so far with 3,350 visits to the Blog.

The PMA SW tour extended into the "Caravana de paso a paso a la Paz' for the rights of migrants transiting through Mexico.  The caravan is traveling on the train with hundreds of migrants and will converge in Mexico DF on friday.  Alba Mota has been traveling with the Caravan.  She was a member of the team of the PMA SW organizing tour.  She has posted a couple of related stories on the caravan in Mexico.

Now the SW PMA organizing tour is traveling to Portland, oregon visiting PCUN-Pineros y Campesinos Unidos de Noroeste.  PCUN organizes farmworkers in the pacific northwest of the United States.  I (Ruben Solis) arrived here today and will be doing a Peoples Movement Assembly on July 29th, Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM.  I will be reporting on the LATIN@ PMA in Portland, Oregon tomorrow or the day after.

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